Bed and Breakfast, Spa & Cabana in Dallas Texas is Alla's Cozy Place.

Organic European breakfast made from scratch, affordable vacational rentals in Dallas, free parking, WI - FI internet,free glass of wine, downtown Dallas is only 15 min.away & downtown Fort Worth close by. Take this vacation rental for your romantic trip





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Or Dear Alla and Rick. I have uploaded the video of the proposal and you can download it at the link below if you want to watch it. Thanks again for making it perfect. I really didn't know how I was going to do it exactly and you both made it easy.
Thank you so much for making our engagement perfect! I couldn't have asked anything more from you and Rick. Please thank him for Jess and myself too. This isn't the last you'll hear from us! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!



      Mama Pelt's Room

Viewed here is the cozy original room especially built for John C. Pelt's mother. She lived here until her mid-nineties. Hardwood floors throughout. Also features a private bathroom, entrance and exit to the porch outside as well as the hallway.
King size bed.
Single occupancy: $85 + tax.

Double occupancy: $110 + tax.



Alla's Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inn S.W. Dallas (Organic European style breakfast, free parking, free WI - FI internet connection, free glass of wine with hors d'oeuvre upon your arrival, free choice of soft drinks during all of your stay, no tax., no extra charges) only 15 min. away from downtown Dallas, Texas.




  John C. Pelt's Room

The front bedroom was the master bedroom of the Pelts. It has its own private bathroom, entrance and exit to the front porch and the corridor.
Queen size bed.
Single occupancy: $85 + tax.

Double occupancy: $119 + tax.


    The Guest Room

The center bedroom of this house is the guest room, which originally served the purpose of housing the children of the Pelt family and later for the guests.
Queen size bed.
Single occupancy: $65 + tax.
Double occupancy: $95 +tax.


 This is an old video. (Please look recent changes on pictures)  


The Front Living Room & The Main Dining Room.

As you enter the front door, this cozy vintage fireplace catches the eye immediately. It is furnished with other vintage items such as the cathedral fire screen, illuminated electric
smoker stand. This room has very comfortable sitting areas and is large enough to accommodate and extra person if necessary. For those who prefer a formal dining area to have their breakfast, we offer you this dining room. Your order is served on a spacious carved solid oak table. If wanted, one can enjoy vintage music with their food. Maximum seating capacity is six.


  The Kitchen Dining Area.

This very large kitchen has its own private dining area for your breakfast. It is one of the four dining areas that you are able to choose. This table seats up to six.

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